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Hi, thanks for your work on this software.  I'm a church planter and have used OpenSong and MediaShout in the past.  OpenSong is a bit too simple at times for projection and MediaShout is just too expensive and quite bloated in my opinion...anyway...


I'm trying out OpenLP for projection control but still need to use OpenSong to manage the musical side of things (handling chord sheets for musicians, performing quick key changes, etc).... I was excited to see that OpenLP had an OpenSong import option, but then was dissapointed to see that it pretty much just copies the text contents of the OpenSong file without any handlers for content.  There is a lot of markup in an OpenSong file which is typically only used by musicians and could easily be ignored during the import to OpenLP so that only the lyrical content is brought into OpenLP.  For example you could ignore lines that begin with a "." character as those designate the chord notation, the [] characters designate a new stanza, and ";" characters are comments.




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    Also, verses can have a notation where multiple verses are stacked.

    Here's a sample showing multiple notations, including a comment, a stanza marker, a chord line (all of which should be ignored during import) and stacked verses which could be pulled into an array and then reassembled so that all lines for verse1 are in a single slide, etc.


    ;Bass Line

    .A   B   F#m


    .A             F#m

    1When my sin begins to tell me

    2What from Christ my soul shall sever

    3On such love my soul will ponder

    .A                F#m

    1All is lost, my guilt displayed

    2Bound by everlasting bands?

    3Love so great, so rich, so free



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    Hi Russ,

    Which version of OpenLP are you using?

    The importer in version 1.2.x is not very advanced, you might want to try using an importer that someone in the OpenLP community wrote.

    The import wizard in version 2 (1.9.x) should handle most OpenSong songs thrown at it.

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    Russ, you seem to know this format more.

    Does comment line always have to START with a semicolon, or can verse line end with a comment (would make using semicolons impossible).

    ; This is comment

    Jesus died for us; is this a comment?

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