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Does anyone have a suggestion as to where to get songs to import.


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    Most of the modern songs are copyrighted in such a way, that you are not allowed to publish copyies of the songs. However, you can import those sample songs from version 1 (which are public domain) or you can use these sample songs. You will need to import the database (Files -> Import -> Song. Choose OpenLP V2)!


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    Two additional potential sources:

    Mission Praise (and no doubt the other big Christian publishers) will sell you a licence to project material from their song/hymn books in worship services.

    Check the terms of the CCLI license ( to see what can be done under that.

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    Another suggestion is HymnQuest ( ) .  It comes in two options, standard which is a one-off purchase about £60, and a CCLI version that is £40 per year.

    The first only has public domain songs, while the second is updated each year with the latest list of CCLI songs.  There are over 25,000 songs in the CCLI version, and 426 songbooks. It has been going for about 12 years, although I've only come across it recently.

    I've subscribed for a year and it's easily better than subscribing for a single songbook for a year if all you want is words (Mission Praise is more than that alone).  It's a little clunky (you need to right-click on the verse text area and 'Print' in order to record usage and print to paper, clipboard or PowerPoint, but it doesn't tell you this in the help files), but has some useful features such as Bible verse referenced to hymns/songs, as well as themes.  It's a good starting point, although I doubt if I'll be using it for more than one year's subscription.  You need a CCLI subscription in order to purchase the second version, though, and it needs processed by their office before you get the download link.

    Only problem is that there are so many songs.  Oh, and another is that each song is listed once, with a list of songbooks that it appears in also listed.  But while wording variants are included, there is no indication as to which variant appears in which book.  For example, Amazing grace has 18 verses with some verses with three variants, with about 70 books listed against it.

    If you're not worried about the manual process of copying and pasting into OpenLp, then this is a single source for all you will need (if you have the CCLI version), apart from the absolutely latest songs that have just been included by CCLI.


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