Can wrapped text have option to indent it?

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This is just a small thought, that almost seems insignificant.  But it seems that when a line of text is wrapped to a second line (because either there is a lot of text in the line, or the fontsize is relatively large, or both) it currently starts at the same horizontal position as new lines.  It is difficult to distinguish what is a new line and what is a continuation of a previous line.  Would it be possible to indent the wrapped text onto a second line, so that visually it can easily be seen as a continuation, with only new lines starting without indentation?  I think that it would be good as the normal behaviour, but if necessary it could be an option (or even a standard option for indentation amount to be entered, with '0' making no indentation for those who don't want any).

Thx. JD


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    We did try this, but unfortunately our current rendering technology doesn't easily allow us to do it.

    However this is something we would like to do and should we find a solution in the future it will certainly get reimplemented.

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    Once again, you're ahead of things as you've already been working on it.  It's only a small matter, but I hope it does become possible some time in the future.


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    I also would really like to see this.

    I've been able to kind-of produce this effect by defining a tag as

    <p style="text-indent: -1em; padding-left: 1em;">

    But you have to wrap every line with the tag, and also in my brief experimentation I've not yet found out the name of the CSS property that controls the paragraph spacing, which is currently too big. (It apparently is not padding or margin!)

    I've not looked at the code at all, but I would have thought that if a facility were added to allow a CSS stylesheet to be attached to a theme, then indentation could easily be implemented. This of course assumes that each line is a paragraph - that OpenLP isn't using <br> tags to split lines.

    Anyway, just my uninformed musings.

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    This would be nice, I definetly want it as an option and not hardcoded though.

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    I agree - this feature would be nice.

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