Instead of down arrow repeatedly cycling through a song, stop at the end the of song

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One problem I have using v2.0 Alpha is that when using the down arrow to move through the song, I often find myself going from the last slide to the first slide again and restarting the song when I don't want to.  It takes a fair bit of concentration for the user to stop at the right place.  This can't be guaranteed, especially with enthusiastic but less focused users during a service.

To avoid this, at the last slide could pressing the down arrow either not do anything, or show a blank theme slide.  If the user really wants to start the song again, they could either use the up arrow repeatedly (this should not cycle past the start in a similar manner), although that is unweidly, or use the mouse to click on the first slide again.

That would give a lot more confidence to the worship leader that the OpelLP user would not unintentionally go beyond the verse order that is pre-programmed, at the end of a song.

Thanks for considering this.

John D.

P.S. I had posted a similar comment on another post ( ), but it was not directly relevant to the subject, so here goes with a separate post.


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