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Greetings all,

We've updated our computer at church and now have 64-bit Windows, and OpenSong doesn't work. So, that means we need to look at other options. I'm glad we did, or I would not have come across Openlp. I've had some fun, and some frustration, as I've been playing aroudn with this through the day.

Thanks for your hard work to allow churches that are struggling financially to still have some good presentation software.

(Thank God for the people that donated the computer too!)

Look forward to the updated release.




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    Hi Brian, Welcome!

    Glad you've had some fun trying OpenLP! It would however be interesting to know what your frustrations are though, if you have the time to comment, to see if we can help.

    I don't know which version you were using, but the most recent can be found on the downloads page in the Nightly/Weekly builds section. We've made a number of improvements since 1.9.4 was released, so it would be interesting to know if any points you struggled with have been resolved.

    I hope you have many more hours of fun :)


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