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I have ways to make it work, but in a few instances it'd be nice to have more than one image for a background on a song.  I can accomplish it by making each background a different song, but it'd be better/easier on the operator if it were possible to change the back ground on the images.


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    Are you trying to change the background on a song by song basis?

    Which verson of OpenLP are you using?

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    No, I'm thinking more than one image per song.  Say, for instance, "Revelation Song" by Kari Jobe (Or Philips Craig & Dean) where each phrase of the song evokes a different image from the book of Revelations, it's be nice to have a background for each element discussed in the song..  I can accomplish it by either making a graphic for each slide and doing an image item, or by making each change of view a new song, but it'd be nice to do it in one song.

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    We really need this feature too.

    Instance #1: We have a "custom" set up for announcements. We have each announcement as a slide in this "custom." We have a theme applied to it. When we go live with it, we turn on the "5 sec." thing so it scrolls through all slides. We would really like to be able to have each slide have its own different background image. To have all announcements having the same image is not good. Before we had to abandon MediaShout because of having to scrap Windoze, we had such a capability.

    Instance #2: We would like to set up a song where it has a different background for Verse 1 than for Chorus, etc.

    We would really like to see a way to specifiy either a theme per slide, or at least a background image per slide.

    Pastor Doug Joseph

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    Another way to accomplish what we need in instance #1, would be for us to auto-play (auto scroll, like the 5 sec thing) through a prescribed list of "custom" items.

    Pastor Doug Joseph

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    I accomplish it right now by breaking the song in to two items, but I don't make massive changes.  "Blessed Be Your Name" by Matt Redman is one of the songs I want to do it with, because of the imagry of the verses, and also on "How Great Thou Art"

    Problem is, sometimes there is a delay in the switch from song to song, and if you have a lot of switches or jumps, then it could get convoluted.  This should be theoreticaly possible, as the display is CSS & HTML.  Just tricky to code.

  • I too would like this feature. Was anything ever done about it?
  • fist make a dir on your computer I mane by C:/OpenLp/Image/
    next put a file in it name B5.jpg
    then in configure formatting tags add a new tag

    Name it what you like
    tag is b5
    start HTML is
    <img src="file:///C:/OpenLp/Image/B5.jpg" style="position: Fixed ; top: 0; left: 0;width: 100%;z-index: -1;">
    end HTML is
    now put {b5}{/b5} as the start of the page 
    I am working on one that will let you put the use any filename {b5}filename{/b5}
    I have only be use OpenLp for a week but get thing to look the way I like I have add over 20 custom formatting 

  • here the new one
    tag is bg
    start html is
    <img  style="position: fixed; top: 0; left: 0;width: 100%;z-index: -1;" src="file:///C:/OpenLp/Image/
    end html is
     on star page put {bg}filename{/bg}
    you use a gif file if you like to
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