importing languages in 1.9.4 _ 1408 Mac OS X

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Importing new languages was no problem with the "source-versions" of OpenLP.

I downloaded the latest *DMG for MacOSX, but I can't add any languages.

Where do I put the translations?




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    translations should be put into


    as qm files. To convert from .ts to .qm run following command (example for german translation):

    lconvert -i de.ts -o de.qm

    which produces a qm file which is readable by OpenLP.

    Hope this helps...

    (But I see that this should be easier...)


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    I've put the translations in the newest build, so you can see them directly in the settings menu, but there is a new bug with saving/loading the language configuration (it will currently use the system default all the time). I will have a closer look in the next few days...


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