v1.9.4 is way too sluggish on Windows 7 notebook!

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I am helping out in my Church as a presentation operator. Currently we are still using powerpoint. I have been looking around for presentation softwares to improve the situation. I have tried many softwares and have yet to find a good one. My best candidate was EasyWorship 2009. Its performance is the best and it has many good features. However, it is too expensive. About USD $399. This is not accepted by my church management.

Then I found this OpenLP. It really looked promising. However, I have a very major bug or issue that I would like to feedback and I really hope you people can resolve this.

I ran the v1.9.4 version on my Intel i7 notebook with Windows 7 OS. It is a very powerful notebook with ATI radeon dedicated graphics card built in and lots of RAM and harddisk space. Given such a powerful notebook, I seriously felt that OpenLP 1.9.4 should run very smoothly and fast. However, I was quite disappointed.

It took a very very long time to finish loading up (in terms of minutes). Then when I load a powerpoint 2007 file, it also took quite some time to load. Then I tried loading 2 powerpoint 2007 files and tried to switch between the 2, the software took some time to close the 1st one and some more time to load the 2nd one. During this period, the entire software just hanged there.

I have trialed run EasyWorship 2009 in my church service previously with 2 powerpoint 2007 presentations and 1 image file. It was very very efficient and fast when it comes to switching between the items. Almost instantaneous. Loading the ppt took some time but was still ok.

Coming back to OpenLP, I really appreciate the hardwork and effort that you guys had put into to come up with this great software, however, I really hope you guys can seriously work on the overall performance of the new version so that it can startup very quickly, load presentations quickly and switch between presentations quickly.

I am putting high hopes on OpenLP to be the presentation software to use for our church given its features and it is free. Do hope to see this improvement coming up!

Best Regards,

Charles Wong

Hebron BP Church, Singapore



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    By the way, to add

    My OpenLP installation has totally no songs and bibles installed. But my loading time and overall performance are still very slow.


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    We're aware we have a few issues with speed, and sorry you're having such troubles. We hope to address some problems in future releases, and there may be some improvements in the beta that we release on Sunday.

    Note that you'll also probably find that v1.2 runs much quicker, if you're interested in seeing whether this performs the tasks you require.

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    Thanks for your explanation. I am looking forward for the beta release. I do hope it will be much faster. Yes 1.2 is faster but it has many features not available such as support for powerpoint 2007 which is crucial. I will wait for the beta. Thanks again.

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    1.2 should run with PowerPoint 2007 fine, I have at least 3 working machines with this setup...

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    I have done a quick test on the new beta. It was quite fast especially when I switch between 2 powerpoint presentations. The startup was also acceptably quick. I was quite happy with this new release.

    Now I will proceed to test the features which my church will often use and then go for a pilot trial in my church service. If all goes well, I will officially use it.

    Way to go, developer team! Thanks for the great effort!

    Charles Cool

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    Yes, my mistake. 1.2 should support ppt 2007. I think my notebook does not have ppt 2007, that's why it can't work.

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    Hi guys,

    Before I go on, I would like to state that I am not trying to make things difficult or look bad on this great software and effort. I am just trying to evaluate and feedback the things I have tested and observed and hope that they can be improved. Hope to get your understanding. :-)

    I tried testing the 1.9.5 and found that the performance is still very lagging. I hope you guys can really investigate into this issue.


    Sample files tested:

    a. Powerpoint 2002 PPT1 file = 5.7MB

    b, Powerpoint 2002 PPT2 file = 3.9MB

    c. JPG1 image file = 186KB


    1. Start OpenLP, no logo, no bible. has song db. = 2 min 30s

    2. Appearance of Powerpoint 2002 process window during startup = 1 min 15s

    3. Add PPT1 to service manager = immediate

    4. Add PPT1 to preview section = 13s

    5. Add PPT1 to live = 10s

    6. Add PPT2 to service manager = immediate

    7. Add PPT2 to preview = 21s

    8. Add PPT2 to live =19s

    9. Jump to another slide within same ppt = immediate

    10. PPT1 in preview section. PPT2 in live section. Select a slide in PPT1 preview window and set it to go live. This will bring PPT1 to live and jump to the selected slide in live screen) = 8s

    11. Now PPT2 is in live. Add PPT1 to preview section. Select a slide in PPT1 preview window and set it to go live. This will bring PPT1 to live and jump to the selected slide in live screen) = 20.5s (time doesn't include the task of adding PPT1 to preview section)

    12. Add jpg1 = immediate

    13. Set jpg1 to go live = 51s

    14. Average RAM usage = about 200+MB

    15. Peak Memory usage = about 500+MB


    Our chinese service often has multiple ppt files to switch back and forth during the service and at times will also present jpg images, and even video files. Lots of switch around. From the above performance testing, I just felt that it cannot meet the heavy demands of our church. The congregation and my pastor will get frustrated waiting for things to load and switch.

    So I do hope things can be really improved much, not just for my church but for the good of the overall software.

    God bless.

    Charles Wong

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    Exact system specs?  Because I'm not seeing that kind of lag on start on any of the machines I run except a 2ghz Celeron with less than a gig of ram and WinXP Home.

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    Hi Charles, please try out one of the latest development builds, because (as pointed out in another thread in these forums) the latest development builds have some speed improvements.

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    My notebook specs:

    HP Dv3 i7 Q720 1.60GHz

    3GB ram

    ATI mobility radeon graphics card with at least 512MB ram



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    I have tried the latest build bzr1644. Here's the results on my HP laptop.

    Powerpoint 2002 process window appears at startup = 30s

    OpenLP window appears (but not responsive) = 31s

    OpenLP window finally responsive = 55s

    Preview ppt A = 1 to 2 s loaded in preview window but preview panel below does not show the slide selected.

    Set PPt A to live (with ppt 2 in live currently) = 2s. output shows desktop temporarily then to 1st slide of PPt A and then to the selected slide in ppt A. Can this be made better by probably showing a blank black screen instead of desktop and then jump directly to the selected slide in PPT A instead of first showing the 1st slide then jump to the selected slide? It will make the transition smoother.

    Preview jpg images = immediate

    Set jpg image to live display = fast

    Switch between jpg images in live = fast

    Set jpg image to preview = hang software.

    Preview wmv movie file = Immediate. preview windows show movie with audio correctly. Movie controls work correctly.

    Set wmv movie live = Immediate. Output screen shows white blank screen. Audio is played correctly. Movie controls worked correctly.

    Setting a MP3 live playback = fast. But output shows white screen. Audio is playing correctly. Maybe it is better to have a black blank screen instead. Or if it can be played while showing another item like image, or ppt slide simultaneously will be better.

    Average ram usage ~200MB. much less. Hopefully can be even less.

    The results have improved much. Especially the loading time. However, hopefully the loading time can be shortened further probably to below 30s if possible. Also hopefully the image and movie file playback issues can be fixed as they are the more commonly used features in this software (at least for my church context).

    Thanks for the hardwork guys! God bless your effort. Amen! :-)


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    I would like to clarify myself on my previous post.

    Powerpoint 2002 process window appears at startup = 30th second upon startup

    OpenLP window appears (but not responsive) = 31st second upon startup

    OpenLP window finally responsive = 55th second upon startup


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