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I just installed v2.0 and imported the sample songs and did not realize those were the songs that i had already loaded during installation. Thus, I am left with duplicates in my song list for the media manager. I'm wondering where the file is and what the name of it is for this listing? Would i be able to simply delete it and re-import the sample songs and be back to normal?


I am also wondering the same about bible translations. As we will not be using ASV. Also is there a way to select a default bible version that will be used instead of having to select from different translations every single time?


If you are one of the developers. I'd like to let you know that in the Theme Manager i am unable to delete themes at this time although in the reference manual it is listed as an option.

Praise God for this excellent resouce which can be used to further His kingdom!




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    In OpenLP, go to the Tools -> Open Data Folder... menu item. In the folder window that opens, go to 'songs' folder, and there you will see the songs.sqlite file which contains all the songs. Close down OpenLP before deleting it, and it will be re-created next time you restart OpenLP. However it might be best to rename it instead.

    Out of interest, where did you find out about the sample data, where did you get it from?

    If you're not going to use a Bible at all, you can delete it. Go to the same data folder as above, go into the Bibles folder, and there you will see the Bible files. In the future we may try and make it remember the last Bible you selected.

    You can't delete the Default theme or a Theme which is assigned to a song. But any Themes not in use can be deleted fine, or least it works OK for me. If you want to delete the default theme, just make a different theme the default.


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    Thanks for the response. Our church will be trying to implement the use of this wonderful software starting this week. in regards to bible formats can anyone point me toward where i can get files for the holman christian standard version? We could do it over the web however, its likely more convenient to have it hard since at our church we dont have internet (service files are created at home)

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    Just want to follow up with the original question.  If I have several people want to use the same set of songs, can I just give them the songs.sqlite file in the data folder so they will be all sync with my version?

    Do we need to use some import feature or just replace the existing file in the folder to make it work?

    Thanks in advance... In Him~


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    You can do either. Just replacing the file will work, presuming they haven't added any new files. You could also just add all the new files to a service, save the service, and then give everyone else the file. As long as they have the "import from service" setting enabled, OpenLP will import all the songs from the service file into the songs database.

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    Thanks Raoul... If I send people the service file and some songs they have, but some aren't in their database.  Will there be duplicates created in their computer?  How could I avoid that?

    Also, if we have two people adding songs at the same time, how do we share the songs we are adding without making any duplications? Thanks. as you can see I am very new to this...


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    See the thread about file-based storage for some ideas on how to let multiple people work with the database.  My Dropbox/Junction method works well for us, tho the one Linux computer I have set up that way, currently doesn't display the themes properly, but I think I may have created the junction wrong in Linux.

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    OpenLP will only create the songs that are missing, so it won't create duplicates of existing songs.

    In the settings, Songs tab, there is a setting to prevent it adding any missing songs to the database from the service file.

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