Sharing Libaries

In our church multiply persons are responisble for the projection of lyrics etc.

The preparation might be done on diffenrent computers. Also the presentation might be on a totally different computer.

Is there anyway to share or reuse the libaries of songs, bibles, themes accross all of the machines?

If not yet, I think there should be a feature for this or something easy to export and import all content of openLP.

Otherwise, I really like the software. Good job done.



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    What I do is use Dropbox along with what's called "junctions" or "symlinks" in the computer lingo.

    I moved the main data folder to a folder in Dropbox and then I use the mklink command (vista & 7) or Junction Link Magic on XP to make that folder viewable as the OpenLP datafolder.  Then on the other computers, I install Dropbox, set it up the same way, and do the same process.  This of course can cause a problem if two people are in the system at the same time, but it works for us, becuase that rarely happens.  There's supposed to be the ability to work with MySQL soon, but last Time I tried that it didn't work.

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    I have this working quite well between the Ubuntu church computer and several Windows 7 computers by using the Ubuntu One sync tool (which is integrated in Ubuntu, and available for download for Windows). Since the Windows beta version currently only synchronizes the "My Documents\Ubuntu One" folder, I moved the OpenLP data folder inside the Ubuntu One folder, and replaced its original location with a symbolic link on all computers ("ln -s <target> <link>" on Linux, "mklink /d <link> <target>" on Windows 7/Vista).

    Once Ubuntu One for Windows allows synchronizing folders other than "My Documents\Ubuntu One", using symlinks won't be necessary.

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    Ditto with Dropbox.  Didn't know UbuntuOne had a windows client, that's cool.

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