Problems to launch OpenLP

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Hello friends,

I'm having problems to launch OpenLP. I've tried to install on Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10 and now on 11.04, but it not works. I'm having this problem trying to install OpenLP in my laptop and now in my desktop too. All the time trying to install 1.9.5-0ubuntu1~natty1 version. When I put "openlp -l debug" on terminal I have this:


Logging to: /home/datashow/.cache/openlp/openlp.log

(<unknown>:5210): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_debug_add_log_function: assertion `func != NULL' failed



My file log is here:


Remembering I'm a new guy on OpenLP and Ubuntu (LOL)...



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    It looks like you have a corrupted Bible. In your file manager or in the terminal, go to ~/.local/share/openlp/bibles and remove the Jo_o_Ferreira_de_Almeida_Atualizada.sqlite file, which seems to be the offending Bible.

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    Really, I've made a new installation without bible and it runs. Thank you so much! So I've imported the Bible later. But for now I'm having problems with caracters. For example, reading Genesis 1:1:

    "No princípio criou Deus os céus e a terra" (correct)

    "No princÃpio criou Deus os cÃSus e a terra" (incorrect)


    The first text is with the correct accentuation, but in OpenLP it open like the second text, with "Ã" in the place of "í". What would be?

    OBS: The bible I've imported is "João Ferreira de Almeida Atualizada", I believe is the only bible in portuguese language.


    Thank you for helping me. God bless!

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    Where did you import this Bible from? What format is it in?

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    This bible was imported by the OpenLP wizard. In "format", I select "Internet Download" option and I select BibleGateway option > João Ferreira de Almeida Atualizada. It seems that the Old Testament is all on this way. I've opened some texts in New Testament and it is ok.

    OBS: The book names are in English still. Is there some way to change it to portuguese too?

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    These are all known issues of the web download. We are busy working on fixes, but it's a bit of a long process due to the way we need to fix it. We're hoping to have the fixes in 1.9.7.

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