File-based storage backend (or distributed) for songs

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I don't think this is available yet, but I'd like to request it anyway.

I'm currently using OpenSong and wish to try out OpenLP (now that its also cross-platform), but before I even get started there's a deal-breaker (for me), the fact that song data is stored as a SQL database. Databases are great and all, especially performance-wise, but it means that each computer with OpenLP has to have its own set of songs.

For my current use-case, we sync OpenSong folders between a dozen computers, so everyone has the latest collection of songs. The same for services (sets, in OpenSong). So I can setup a set, add two new songs which are being sung for the first time, in my office, and that evening when the music team is practicing everything is already there.

This is relatively easily done using dropbox and OpenSong, but I can't figure out a comparable way to do it with OpenLP. So I'm making this feature request. If anyone has an alternative idea to achieve what I'm currently doing without changing the backend, that would also be welcome of course.

The software looks sharp, certainly runs smoother than OpenSong on Linux (on Windows its about the same). I'd really like to use this, since its 'real' open source which I can hopefully contribute to/hack at (rather than OpenSong which depends on RealBasic).


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