Cannot click any buttons near the bottom of OpenLP dialog windows in Ubuntu

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Seen on Sunday 2011-06-05 with OpenLP 1.9.5+bzr1612 on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal:

Noticed this bug in the First Time Use Wizard, the Bible Import Wizard and the Bible Upgrade Wizard, but other dialogs may also be affected:

Buttons and other interface elements near the bottom edge of the dialog boxes do not respond to mouse clicks; this was notable in the list of Bibles in the First Time Use Wizard, where the lowest two checkboxes could not be selected until scrolling them up, away from the lower edge of the screen, or using the cursor keys and space bar to select them. The "Next>" button also cannot be clicked - the wizard had to be advanced by hitting the Enter/Return key.

Same symptom seen also in the Bible Upgrade Wizard, and in the Bible Import Wizard. Any dialogs that seem to be part of Ubuntu (e.g. file select dialogs) do not have this issue - buttons at the bottom of the window respond normally.

Same build number for Windows works fine on Windows 7 x64 with no such issue.


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