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Stageview and remote are brilliant.  We don't use them yet, but hope to soon.

However, the Remote feature seems difficult to use, because in one view it is possible to go between one song and next/previous, but one has to enter into the song to navigate between verses.  Then, go back out to the song navigation to go to the next song.  Would it be possible to have soft keys on one screen that allowed navigation of verses (like up/down arrows on the keyboard) and also navigation between items (left/right arrows on the keyboard)?

I also found it difficult (impossible) to navigate through a PowerPoint presentation using the Remote - has anyone else got that working?

John Duffy


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    There is a certain clumsiness to the keypresses required to navigate a song list in "normal" usage. A better path through the screens on Remote gets a +1 from me.

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    We know about the navigation issues in the web remote, and will be looking into improving navigation in the next release (that is, 1.9.7). We unfortunately can only do so much between releases, since we all work on this stuff in our spare time.

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    The remote screens are just standard web pages, built on jQuery-Mobile.

    If any web designers have some time to offer improvements, we'll happily help you through the process of finding the code and committing changes.

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    I should have most of my deck clear in the next week or two and want to start looking in to a desktop interface for the remote.

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    Raoul, I fully appreciate your time commitments, and all the great work that is being done on openlp by volunteers.  If I was able to program, I would be offering some limited support too.

    My main thought was to highlight my experience of testing out the remote features.  I'm more than happy that these are on your list of future enhancements.

    The ability to have a remote control that can do so much more than a mere presenter remote controller (with only previous/next buttons or similar) is brilliant.  It takes remote control of presentations at the pulpit to another level.

    BTW, I did manage to get PowerPoint 2010 working on the remote slide controller just today when I tried it out again, with the same presentation that failed beforehand. I must have been doing something wrong, or the Wi-Fi might have been playing up...


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    Hey batmanjd

    You don't need to be a developer to help out, we've got a couple of guys who test and who write the manual. You don't need any programming experience to do either of those. If you wanna help test, please subscribe yourself to the OpenLP Testers mailing list, and give us feedback on there. It's a little more interactive than their, and most of the developers are on that mailing list.

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    Hello batmanjd,

    A good place to come is our IRC channel as most of the communication between people involved in the project takes place there. Hence, it is a good place for people who want to get involved.

    Cheers Cool

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    Anyone want to sketch out ideas fora  more desktop friendly Remote look?  My initial instinct is to make it look as much like the desktop interface as possible, leving out anything that can't be done via the remote of course.

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