Number/name of forums

Is there a good reason for having two sets of bug report and feature request forums, one for 1.2, and one for 2.0? It means twice as many places to look for information, as the two sets are being misused - there are 2.0 bug reports in the one that is not labelled as 2.0.

Seems to me that it would be better to merge them?


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    Back when 2.0 was started, 1.2 was still the primary release. 2.0 was just for the small handful of brave testers we had, and we wanted to avoid confusing v1 users by talking about features/bugs not in the main release. Therefore we decided to split them out.

    Now 2.0 is now our main release then yes it probably would be a good idea to go back to one forum, especially as 1.2 is now frozen. However until 2.0 is final we still need to know which version people are reporting bugs against.

    Many people (sadly) don't look to see if their bug is already reported, but for those that help by making the extra effort to check then is the place that all bugs end up regardless of whether they were reported in the forums, IRC or email.

    Note, a redesign of the website is planned. When this happens we will no doubt visit the forums and look to see where they can be improved.


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