Second Bible with a different numbering Bible

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It is better to handle a bible which has different numbering verse on the Second Bible.

Japanese bible "The New Interconfessional Translation" or French "La Bible du Semeur" has different verse number. Some verses are swapped.

For example, Malachie chapter 3 has 24 verses. The verses 3:19 to 3:24 are similar to 4:1-4:6 in other bibles including NIV:

book JA    NIV
mal 3:19   4:1
mal 3:20 4:2
mal 3:21 4:3
mal 3:22 4:4
mal 3:23 4:5
mal 3:24 4:6

And some verses are split an swapped and verse number has non-digit character.

book JA    NIV
exo 21:37 22:1
exo 22:2b 22:3b
exo 22:3 22:4
exo 22:1 22:2
exo 22:2a 22:3a
exo 22:4 22:5
exo 22:5 22:6

The first one (different numbering) is easy to handle, just have a table to convert chapter/verse number.

But I have no idea how to handle the second (split/swap).


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