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Today I wanted to add a new song. I tried to split a verse because of to many lines on one slide. Does the feature "split verse" ([---]) split the verse only if it does not fit on the slide? How can I force the software to split verses manually?



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    Yes, it only breaks it if needed.  To force a break, insert the ---[verse:1]--- or whatever.

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    I'm trying to do the same thing as Thommy, and I'd rather not use an explicit ---[Verse:1]---

    This is because we prefer to keep the number of lines per slides to a minimum (3-6) so the slides aren't too 'text heavy'.

    And I'd rather not use separate verse numbers to achieve this because it doesn't accurately match the song. For example, a song may have 4 verses, each with 8 lines. Although all 8 lines will fit on one slide, we only want to display 4 per slide. The only way to achieve this at present is to fool OpenLP by giving each slide a different verse number, and thus having 8 'verses'.

    But there's plenty of reasons I don't want to it that way! For example if the musos say in rehearsal "Ok, let's go to verse 4 now", the OpenLP operator has to realise that this is really "V7". Confusion results!!

    Thoughts on making 'hard breaks' a feature request? (At the moment we've only got soft breaks via [---])

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    Hello MrGamgee,

    The way I do it is if I have Verse 1 with 8 lines I split it at 4 lines adding "another" Verse 1 for the second 4 lines.  As long as they are in the order you want them they will both be Verse 1, 4 lines per verse. Then when you do the order below you can add Verse 1 which will incorporate all 8 lines, each 4 labeled Verse 1.

    Wow, I hope that makes sense and probably should be documented


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    I don't think you understand my suggestion maybe.  You don't have to make ":false" verses.. Here's an example cu and pasted from one of our songs (in public domain)



    Why should I feel discouraged?

    Why should the shadows come?


    Why should my heart be lonely,

    and long for heaven and home....


    ..when Jesus is my portion?

    My constant Friend is He!

    His eye is on the sparrow,

    and I know He watches me!


    His eye is on the sparrow,

    and I know He watches me!


    I sing because I'm happy!

    I sing because I'm free!

    For His eye is on the sparrow,

    and I know He watches me!

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    Thanks John and Michael, yes I had misunderstood. I've changed my songs as you suggest and that basically achieves what I wanted.

    However, it does seem like this is a bit of a workaround. Technically, it results in slightly unclear xml, as now one verse is split across two <verse> nodes. The OpenLyrics spec also seems to say that each verse number should only be used once (except in the case of translations)

    Is there a feature request already for hard breaks? I couldn't find one in the wiki or the bugs tracker.


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    I second this. In the trial for Easy Worship 2009, you only need to create an empty line to break the verse/chorus into 2 slides. This is not a deal breaker or anything, especially for a free piece of software, but it sure would be super helpful.

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    Version 1 did this but if you need a blank line in a slide how do you do this.

    The solution was non visible characters which was a mess.

    This way you get what you see.

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    If you just want fewer lines per slide, you can always edit your theme and reduce the height of the output area location for the main area. For example, if you make it tall enough only to show seven lines, and your eight line verse has a split half way down, then you will get two slides of four lines.

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