Laggy text transitions? (beta 2)

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Hello All, I've searched on the forums and FAQ and can't seem to find anybody having similar issue with this.

When I go and edit a theme and enable 'Transitions' on the Text Formatting window, i get REALLY laggy text transitions.


I've tried using just a plain black background and the text takes literally 10 seconds to switch from slide to slide.

It slowly fades out and the next slide slowly fades in. (no transitions work instantly as expected)


My hardware is pretty decent.  (Easyworship and Mediashout perform silky smooth text transitions on same machine)

AMD Opteron Dual Core 2.5Ghz

Nvidia GTS 250 (latest drivers)

2GB of Ram

Multi boot: WinXP SP3, Ubuntu 10.10, Ubuntu 11.04  (tried Openlp on all)


All 1.9xx Openlp versions have performed the same on each OS that I have.


Is this a common problem or is it just me?

Awesome software by the way! I loved playing with the web control from iPod touch out of this last release :)

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