Foldback display support??

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Setup I am currently working with.  Is easyworship 3 screens.

1 projector frount of house

1 tv/foldback at back of hall

and 1 LCD at the sound desk at back of hall controling everything.

I see reference to duel screen in manual.  Am I just blind and openlp has foldback that I have not found.   Foldback is really useful.  If a mic not working right message can be placed on screen for change of mic.  Speaker has a call message can go up for Speaker to make some excuse to leave stage.

Really with some of the modern card with 5+ screen support that I might be able to get hands on in future more multi screen support could be good.

Like means to use two projectors for sing rounds.   I really don't want to put in a feature request if its simply me being blind.


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    Only thing that comes close—to my knowledge—is Stage View; however it is currently only a lyrics foldback display and doesn't display alert messages.

    Also, since it works as a live web page hosted by the computer running OpenLP, it requires smart displays that can browse web pages on the church LAN (notebook, tablet computer, smartphone). No need for triple-head graphics, and you can have as many Stage View displays as you have notebooks or tablets available.

    See the Remote section within the OpenLP options window for the Stage View web address as this may change each time unless the computer has a static IP address on your LAN.

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    Stage View does sound close.   Video are not displayed on Foldback easyworship either.

    By the sound of this 2 feature request will have to be done.  1 Messaging to Stage View and maybe messaging between Stage views as well.   This is a highly useful feature when things are not going right.  Means for a person with a stageview to inform the others that they are ready when they are out of direct line of vision can be handy.

    2 means to assign a stage view to a screen from the interface.

    Also remote does not appear to contain a user name and password option.

    Setup where I am suits having fixed screen on backwall.   Reason stage can be changed around a lot.  Notebook table smartphone on stage are all a risk of trouble.

    Tripple head setup also means current system as long as the core is up everything is ready to go.   This is why this is prefered.

    Yes the tripple head also avoids issues of incorrect network setups.

    I live by the old rule least number of parts to go wrong the better.

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    Not sure where the password is a huge deal for stage view, as it's a view only, no way to interact with it.  I can see value in PW protecting the Controler interface however.

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    You can always use a web browser on the main p.c, and then drag it across to screen 3!
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