Triple Display Support

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I guess I will post a short version of this under feature request, but I am not certain if it already exists or not in openlp... so here goes.

Our church just installed a very large projection system. We currently have one screen over the choir (for the congregation to view), we also have a projector in the rear of the church (for those on stage to view - whether it is for sermon lines, music for choir, etc.) and the third display is the local monitor display at the computer system itself.

At any given time, I need to display three different things, one thing on each screen. I should see the main control program on my display. I should see the "public" output on the screen above the choir. And I should be able to see "private" output on the screen at the back of the church.

I have been looking on the Internet for programs that support this. The only program I have found thus far is Presentation Manager ( It is roughly $350 and looks very ugly and complicated.

I would love to know if openlp supports three displays. If so, great - how do I take advantage of it?

If it does not support three displays, how do we go about getting the functionality added? I would be more than willing to create a bounty for such a feature and paying to the community what I would otherwise spend for Presentation Manager.

In my opinion, having support for three displays could push openlp out on top. Even the massive MediaShout, Easy Worship, and SongShow Plus do NOT support three displays! OpenLP could take a step out in front!

Look forward to your replies. I will create a similar thread in Feature Requests and add a bounty.

Thanks and God bless,

Kevin L.


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    Dear friends,

    I would like to say thank you for all who support this work. Really, this is hard to say, comparing one FREE product with the $350 product. It just similar if we compare MS Office with Well, for FREE this is great. Simple, light, easy to operate.

    Oh, anyone knew about ? Maybe we can make a comparison (if we want to) because it's free also.

    Support for impress is great idea.


    God bless you all!

    Yohanes Eko 

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