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We were about to go "live" with Open LP for the first time yesterday (using v2), when we struck a hitch that caused us to postpone: our Pastor wanted to stream some video from the internet during his sermon (which also included a Powerpoint presentation). We included the Powerpoint in the OpenLP service, and dragged the web session (Firefox) onto the presentation screen and minimised it. Unfortunately, when we tried to play the streaming video, all we could see projected was the OpenLP splash logo. The only way we could find to display the video was to exit from OpenLP.

This is not something that is likely to occur often, as any video we normally display is loaded onto the computer, but in this case, we had to stream.

Is there a setting I'm missing to allow OpenLP to share the display monitor with other items?

We are running Windows 7.

Many thanks,


Marc H


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