Editing Bibles

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While setting up a Bible passage for a service this evening (using the NIV from OpenSong), I noticed that there was a typo in it ('good-by' instead of 'good-bye'). I couldn't see any way of editing the text from within the OpenLP interface (dabbling in programming as I do, I went into the sqlite file itself to edit it). Is this feature here and I just couldn't see it for looking, or is it not? It would be quite useful if it was, not just for typos like that, but for different regions of English - I also changed 'realized' to 'realised' at the same point, and I'd imagine (though I haven't looked yet, probably should) that it uses 'Savior' instead of 'Saviour', something that would come up a fair bit!

(On a similar note, I've noticed that when the CCLI licence number is shown on the screen, it uses 'license' instead of 'licence')


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