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I've been using OpenLP forf about two weeks now and for the most part it works pretty well.

I am, however, having one major problem.  The export/import does not seem to be working no matter what I try.

In Open LP, I can export the song and it exports as a XML document just fine. (I can open it with an XML editor I happen to have and it looks good).

However, every time I try to import to a different computer, also running the same version of Open LP, I get an error message and it does not import.  I found a few threads, but they all seem pretty out of date, so decided to start a new thread.

In order to really use the program, I need to be able to work on one computer during the week, but another for Sunday morning services.

Help?  Any ideas?

We use songs that are pretty frequently used in churches around the US (I think), so I am also hoping to find a database of songs with lyrics already entered so I don't have to keep entering them each week while we build the database. ;)


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    I think people get a little confused by the import and export formats. The OpenLP project has created a special new format for music programs to be able to exchange songs, called OpenLyrics. OpenLP exports files in OpenLyrics format (the XML you are seeing).

    However, we have made it possible to import songs from other OpenLP 2 song databases, and my guess is that this is where you are experiencing your problems. You are trying to import the OpenLyrics files using the OpenLP 2 importer, instead of the OpenLyrics importer.

    Unfortunately you haven't actually given us an error message, so I can only guess at what your problem is.

    However, this is not the only way to get songs from one computer to another. If you have the "Add missing songs when opening service" option enabled, any songs that are in the service file but not in the database will be added to the database.

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    I am running what the program window says is Open LP 2.0.

    I go to File --- Export --- Song and select the song/songs I want to move to the other computer.

    Same version of Open LP is on the other computer.  Go to file -- Export --- Import and it opens the Song Import Wizard.  Format Generic Document/Presentation (as this is the only way to the song to show up... it will NOT show up if I select Open LP despite the fact that that is what I used to export the song, go figure).

    The error message is then "The following songs could not be imported:


    - C:\Users\hrothwell\Desktop\Church Stuff\Embracing the Call (Ben Crist).xml (Unable to open file)"


    so not exactly very informative as to why it didn't work, which is why I didn't include it originally. ;)


    Am I not supposed to be able to export songs from Open LP and import them to Open LP on another computer?  Is there any way to accomplish what I need to?


    Themes work, by the way.  I can export and import themes just fine, so thought songs would work too.


    Thank you for help and advince.

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    You need to select "OpenLyrics" when you import the songs.

    (OpenLyrics is a free and open XML standard for christian songs: http://openlyrics.info/)



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    As I said in my previous reply, you need to use the OpenLyrics importer when trying to import files that were exported from OpenLP.

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    Ah, thank you.  That explains what was happening.

    I did not understand that from your previous reply.  I thought somehow I had to "pass the song" through Open Lyrics, and I was having a difficult time doing that.

    In my own defense, I had done a search in the online help and though I found this page http://manual.openlp.org/songs.html there is nothing, at least that I'm seeing, about how to import from xml format.

    And, at least in my opinion, it is rather counter-intuitive that if I export it in Open LP, I don't import it as an "Open LP" song on the second computer.


    It does work now.

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    I just changed the export wizard to be more obviously. I hope the hints I added help a bit.




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