Video Backgrounds for Songs?

Is it possible to use video backgrounds for song lyrics? I'm not seeing how to do this, although maybe I am missing something...



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    -> Replace live background

    You have to do the following steps:
    1. start a song lyrics projection
    2. change in the Media Manager to the Media Tab
    3. select the related video file
    4. click on "Replace live background"
    => now the video will be played in background in looped mode
    (Please consider if you have transistions switched on, it is possible the video playback is too slow. In this case you can tune this with switching of shadow and/or outline effects)
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    It seems as though OpenLP already has the capabilities of a live background, will it be available as a feature on a Theme level?? If yes, will it be soon?

    As for the instructions on replcaing the live background, is there a way to make that on a song to song basis from the song database or service manager??

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    If I am not mistaken, eventually, this will be at the theme level and you will be able to assign different themes of course to the songs. I think its safe to say that video in general in OpenLP is being actively developed so might be a while before that all comes together.


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