How to navigate service items with Powerpoint in middle of service, on single display laptop

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Hi, there are some occasions when I need to use a laptop in a small group as the single display for a service.  I use the up/down and left/right arrows to navigate within and between songs.  However, when I get to the end of a Powerpoint presentation, I cannot navigate on the keyboard using the right arrow to the next service item.

It is a bit disruptive to try to get a (relatively inexperienced) user to navigate between applications using Alt+Tab, or to get control of the mouse and bring OpenLP to the foreground and double-click the next item.

Is there a way to move from PowerPoint back to the service in OpenLP and start the next slide?  Is it possible with Hotkeys?

Or is it only possible by selecting the next item by double-clicking it on the service list?

I presume that no-one else can use the keyboard to get from a Powerpoint presentation to the next service item also, even on a dual display setup.  I've tried to make Alt+Rignt arrow (and left also) be the alternate commands to move between service items, but as the keyboard seems to be only directing what happens in Powerpoint, it doesn't have any effect on OpenLP.

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