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Hi, I've been using PowerPoint 2010 and it all works fine, except that the animations with slides do not work.  The slides are presented as if single images.  The animations where text is displayed in lines appearing at each mouse click do not work.  (At one stage the animations were lost from the presentation altogether after being run through OpenLP.)  Is this a known issue?  Is there a solution to it?


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    we've always had this issue, so I know I need to make each slide separately. Makes it a bit longer to create the slides, but I know that when the guys press the key, we'll get what we expect.

    It would be great to have a solution to this though.


    Warburton Presbyterian Church


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    I've found what seems to be the cause, for me at the minute, at least.  But I'll have to try it out on a number of services in practice to be sure.  What I had done, it seems, was to add the PP presentation to OpenLP, and then later on change the animations within PP itself, saving the file to its primary location on my Church folder.

    However, it seems that when OpenLP adds a presentation to its listing, it copies the file as it is at that time to a separate folder for its own use (C:\Users\John Duffy\AppData\Roaming\openlp\data\servicemanager\).  Then, it seems that I opened the PP in the Church folder, made the transition changes (and I believe some crucial slide wording changes too) and saved them.  All worked fine in the (Church folder) PP when rehearsing the presentation.  I assumed that that would be the presentation that OpenLP would use during the service.  But I was wrong.  The previous (partly-finished) version that was previously copied to the OpenLP folder was used for the service instead.

    Is this something that others have found also?  Is this analysis correct?

    Thinking of solutions, I have a few suggestions, some of which require programming changes, but the last needs change in my process of using OpenLP:
    (i) When a service is being run live, would it be possible for each presentation in the service to be checked to see if the original version that was copied exists (if copied from a memory stick it might not be there any longer), and if so, the modified date checked to see if it is later than the copy in the OpenLP folder.  If it has been modifed later, could a pop-up box ask the user if they want to substitute the later version for the one that was copied? 
    (ii) Alternatively, could OpenLP default to the user's file/path, and only if that file is not present any longer there (e.g. a memory stick is removed) the OpenLP copied file should be used?  Either of these automatic options would be a great help. 
    (iii) Apart from those, a option to highlight a presentation and manually 'update to the latest version' would help too. 
    (iv) As a last resort, I will have to remember to delete the presentation from the listing (if changes have been made since first making the service in OpenLP) and then reinsert it when all changes have been made.  Or, only add the presentation after all changes have been made.


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    In openlp.org 1.2.x, we found that there were a number of people who had "loaded" their presentations into OpenLP, and then deleted the file on disk, so having learned that lesson, in OpenLP 2.0 we moved to copying the file into OpenLP's data directory so that it didn't matter if the user deleted their presentation file.

    Personally, I think this should remain the way it works, but with the addition of the ability to "refresh" the version of your presentation in OpenLP. Would this sort of feature work for you?

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    I understand about the history on deleted files.  I agree about making a copy of the file-it's a good idea.

    Yes, either a "refresh" option, or an option to "use most recent version, if present" would work fine. Either would raise awareness to the user that OpenLP stores a copy of the file, that might not be the latest version.

    Since I'm aware of it now, at present I'll delete the file and add it again when all changes are done.

    Thanks Raoul.

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