Song book info used?

Hello together,

I really like the software and has a lot of great features. It's great and easy to work with it.

Often I have wondered about something and I hope you can help me to understand. I always fill in the song book info when I create a new song but I have not seen any use of this info yet.

It looks like there is not a search option or anything to use this data to find songs.

Also it looks to me like it not displayed anywhere.

Recently a musican asked me if I could display song book data, so they always know the correct place to look in the books and suggested to display it in the footer. I could not find any option to display this anywhere. Maybe something like this should be added to the wish list with a options in the settings if this info should be displayed?

I'm looking forward to your answers and thoughts.

May the lord bless you all.



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    Hi Patrick,

    We are planning to introduce the ability to search on songbook in the near future.

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    Great! Thanks for the reply.

    Will it also be possible to display song book data sometime or is it intened for search only?

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    I agree, both these features (search and display - stage view and/or main display) would be useful for quite a few churches if they eventually made it in to a future release.

    At my previous church, we used OpenSong and made frequent use of the 'search on Hymn #' option. We also put the hymn book/number in the footer on the main display as some people preferred to use the hymn books in the pews and this enabled them to easily find the current hymn.

    At my current church where we're exploring OpenLP, the musos each have a copy of our custom sheet music book. They could benefit from having the page number shown on stage view.

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