Can't load video

I have tried to load video in .wmv format, but receive a message to reduce the file size below 50 MB. These files are 15 to 17 MB. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? TIA


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    Hi Bruce,

    Can I take it you're on win7?

    Would you be able to explain the sequence of steps to produce the error? eg does the error occur when adding to the Media Manager, or when trying to play, etc.

    What's the exact text of the error message?

    Hope we can help


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    Thanks for replying so quickly, Sam. (Some background info: I'm the volunteer that coordinates the video elements for our small, rural church. We currently use EasyWorship 2007. I'm evaluating OpenLP because I'm not keen on laying out the full purchase price for EW 2009. Because the last guy with my job didn't leave behind the license info for EW, we have to pay full boat for the newer version.)

    Yes, I'm using WindowsXP. I'm using OpenLP 2.0, which I understand is actually version 1.9.7, a beta for 2.0. Here are my steps that produce the error message:

    1. I click on "Media" in Media Manager.

    2. I click on the "Load New Media" button.

    3. In the "Select Media" window, I double-click on the file I wish to add.

    4. I click on the file that now appears in the Media pane, giving it focus.

    5. I click on the "plus" icon to "Add the selected media to the service".

    6. I get the error message, "The file you are trying to load is too big. Please reduce it to less than 50MB." The title for the error message window is "File Too Big".

    I get the same message if I try to drag and drop the file into the Service Manager pane.

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    Hi bruceandis,

    Sounds liike OpenLP could work well for your situation.

    I know there's ongoing issues with video in the betas for OpenLP 2.0, and it's a priority for the dev team. Nevertheless, I've submitted a bug report on the issue.

    It may help if you can provide a debug log:



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    Under windows, I suggest you use VLC and blank to desktop when you need to run a video, it's not ideal, but the best way at the moment to accomplish the task.

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    Thanks for all the tips. I will give VLC and the referenced scratchpad tips a try.

    BTW, I was able to get OpenLP to accept the loading of video on a different machine, but still one running Windows XP. I wonder if a dedicated video card with more RAM and speed would be helpful? We will likely upgrade to a beefier desktop with WIN7, 6 GB RAM, a CPU of over 2.2 GHz and quad core processing, and a quality gaming video card with lots of speed and RAM.

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    There's no rhyme or reason I can see to why it works on some Win machines and not others.  The absolute best machine I have access to, through a friend, has problems with playback of video, the absolute worst machine I have access to plays them.  It makes no sense.  I've had pretty steady positive results in Ubuntu wiht Video, on the same machines in some cases.


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    Could codecs be the problem? That would explain the bizarre variability between machinies.

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    Are you using FFDshow? If so you might try adding OpenLP to your FFDshow "Don't use" list. I have problems when using FFDshow with OpenLP.


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    Thanks, rachkmar, for the question. However, I'm entirely unfamiliar with FFDshow. Pretty sure I'm not using it. Smile

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    I too am trying to load video (flv file) and have received this error message

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "D:\OpenLP_Code\release-1.9.9\build\pyi.win32\OpenLP\outPYZ1.pyz\openlp.core.lib.mediamanageritem", line 469, in onClickPressed

    File "D:\OpenLP_Code\release-1.9.9\build\pyi.win32\OpenLP\outPYZ1.pyz\openlp.core.lib.mediamanageritem", line 492, in onPreviewClick

    File "D:\OpenLP_Code\release-1.9.9\build\pyi.win32\OpenLP\outPYZ1.pyz\openlp.core.lib.mediamanageritem", line 586, in buildServiceItem

    File "D:\OpenLP_Code\release-1.9.9\build\pyi.win32\OpenLP\outPYZ1.pyz\", line 206, in generateSlideData

    File "D:\OpenLP_Code\release-1.9.9\build\pyi.win32\OpenLP\outPYZ1.pyz\", line 327, in video

    File "D:\OpenLP_Code\release-1.9.9\build\pyi.win32\OpenLP\outPYZ1.pyz\", line 373, in check_file_type

    File "D:\OpenLP_Code\release-1.9.9\build\pyi.win32\OpenLP\outPYZ1.pyz\", line 141, in load

    File "D:\OpenLP_Code\release-1.9.9\build\pyi.win32\OpenLP\outPYZ1.pyz\", line 1042, in media_new_path

    File "D:\OpenLP_Code\release-1.9.9\build\pyi.win32\OpenLP\outPYZ1.pyz\", line 3106, in libvlc_media_new_path

    File "D:\OpenLP_Code\release-1.9.9\build\pyi.win32\OpenLP\outPYZ1.pyz\", line 163, in _Cfunction

    NameError: no function 'libvlc_media_new_path'


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