how to remove a bible from the version list?

Im using v2.0, and mistakenly included "Web Download" bible. I thought that meant it downloaded it from the web, not that it required internet access during actual service use. That won't work for us, no wifi access at our facility.

Now, I have this unwanted Bible version in the list of possible Bible versions and no obvious way to remove it. Didn't see it in the preferences either. How do I remove that version from the Bible version list?


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    At the moment tghere is no way to do this from within OpenLP. However, you can go to Tools, Open Data Folder, and remove the Bible from the directory, and then restart OpenLP.

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    Alan, do you actually need to be able to add new Bible passages during the service?

    If not, the way the "Web Download" feature works, I believe it downloads the passage when you are setting up the service and then keeps it. So if you're able to setup the service beforehand, when you have web access, then the passage will still be there during the service. (The passage is actually copied into the service file, so you can even take the service file to another computer, and it should work fine.)


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    Hey, I was with the same trouble (a different version of OpenLP), and it's fixed now! Thank you very much!

    I just needed to open the database file and add manually the bible file.
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