Search doesn't return all valid results

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Hi, I've noticed on a number of occasions that the search results do not return the full list of the valid results.  I have the phrase "(Favourite)" [without quotation marks] in the alternate title.  When I search for this, most of the valid results are displayed, but about 5-10% are not. The same ones are missing all the time.

Another example, if I search for "I'm accepted", I get no results, but if I search for "accpeted" the song that begins "I'm accepted" shows in the results.  However, there are no apostrophies in most of the missing results normally.  (The same occurs even when I copy from the song title in edit mode, and then paste it directly into the search field and search on song title.)

There have also been occasions when I have noticed results returned that do not match the search criteria.

However, while doing some analysis while writing this post, I've found that when I search for "Favourite" instead of "(Favourite)" [without quotation marks] then the missing results are shown.

To get around this, I have been using a spreadsheet for displaying the list of "Favourite" songs to choose from. I'll search for Favourite without the brackets now.

But I'm still a little confused, and wary of trusting the results as much as I would like to.



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