Song Usage Icon to display status of song tracking?

edited November -1 in Development

Hi, it is great to have the song usage being tracked using OpenLP, for submitting CCLI reports.

It is great also to have F4 as the default key for toggling the tracking on and off.

However, it would be great to have an icon displayed to let the user see visually, all the time, whether tracking is on or off.  The reason for this is that when practicing or choosing songs before a service, if tracking is on each practice run will count towards usage.

I would like to have tracking normally off, and instruct the user to toggle it on at the start of the service, and toggle it off at the end of the service.  If it is accidentally not toggled off, and is still on during practice sessions, seeing an icon on the display would alert the me or others that tracking is on.  I know we could always check it by going into the menu structure, but it would be much more user friendly to have an icon to visually see the status of the tracking all the time.  Conversely, when in a live situation if the tracking is off, it could be noticed and toggled on.  I think that this would help make tracking more accurate overall.

Thanks for considering this.


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