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Firstly, many thanks for getting this going on OSX! I think it was just bad timing on my part that I changed over to a Mac at the same time as Apple updated their OS causing this to stop working (it did cause a problem when I was doing words at church, forgot my laptop's power lead and the battery ran out half way through the worship...)

Anyway. With the latest version, I have come across a couple of bugs - I know none of the development team run OSX so don't think I'm having a go, I'm not! These problems might be systematic across this version of OpenLP, but as it's only been available for a few days it might not have been noticed yet.

The first one is when adding songs. When I come to add an author, if I type an author in (rather than selecting from the dropdown), it always tells me that it's a new author and needs adding, no matter whether they are in the list or not. If I cancel, then re-add (without making any changes), then it goes in fine. (Additionally, is the confirmation to add a new author necessary? I suppose it makes sure that it is spelt correctly and adds a bit of standardity to the list...)

The second problem is when importing songs. I did have problems with 1.9.7 with this as well though, but without checking 1.9.8 on my PC (which is currently around 100 miles away) I couldn't tell you if I am still having problems. I have installed on my Mac, but OpenLP cannot recognise this in order to import from it.

Anyway, like I said, thanks for getting this going (I am telling people about it too by the way, would be good to see this starting to get out there!). As none of the dev team use OSX, if I do come across bugs do you want me to put them here or on the bug page? I'd offer to help out with dev, but unfortunately I'm very behind with programming languages, and (other than PHP) the only one I know is the ancient VB6!!! (and of course, now I'm on a Mac, even that is pointless...)


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    Another question about the OSX version - whereabouts are the SQLite files for song/Bible storage located? The documentation here that says where the configuration file is located is wrong, unless there's something I need to do in order to find the file (is there an OSX equivalent to Winows' hidden files?)

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    Hi richie-g,

    Since we don't have any dedicated OS X developers, having users come forward and report their problems is great. So thanks for spending the time detialing your issues for us.

    I can't seem to reproduce your Author adding problem. We'll have to see if any other OS X users are also experiencing your problem.

    There is currently no integration on OS X due to a missing library in

    To get to where the data files are stored, you should simply be able to go to Tools -> Open Data Folder in OpenLP, and it should open the directory for you.

    As for bugs and development, Python is an easy language to learn, and we have instructions on how to get a development environment up and running (even on OS X) on our wiki. Bugs are logged to Launchpad, but what we also do is get users to submit bugs to our support system, so that we can check that we can reproduce them, and make sure we don't duplicate bugs that are already logged.

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    CoolTHANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! It has been a LONG wait, and I am so grateful for all the hard work put in to get Openlp on OSX! No problems so far apart from the ones that has been mentioned!!Cool

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    I have an addition to make with the Song Author bug - I don't get asked to add an existing author if, after typing / selecting the author name I then click in the field below before clicking 'add author'.

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    I also have the problem when adding authors to songs.  Also, when importing from a CCLI SongSelect file it adds the author with a space in front of the name, even if the autor is already in the database.  Mac OS X 10.6.8.

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    I confirms the add author issue. I also get asked to add new author.

    Mac 10.7, latest trunk r1868.

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    I'm also having this problem with author wanting to be added when its already in the database. I'm using osx 10.7 (lion) Open LP version 1.9.8-bzr1856.

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    I'm having the same always saying it's a new author problem, but didn't catch on right away (presuming the bug was my bug, not that app's) so I have like 20 of some authors (Reuben Morgan for example). Is there a simple way to consolidate these authors in the database without screwing everything up?  

    I guess I could find the unique ID of every author I have dubplicate and then set them all to being one of those, deleteing the rest of the lines? If there's a better solutoin I'm all ears!

    On a side note to the Author thing, I keep pressing return to select the 'Add to song' box, is there a way of a subsiquent release automatically adding the Author when they're highlighted / clicked in the list instead of the box?

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    **OpenLP Bug Report**
    Version: {u'full': u'1.9.9', u'version': u'1.9.9', u'build': None}

    --- Details of the Exception. ---

    I was trying to import songs from OpenSong.

     --- Exception Traceback ---
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/Users/martin/Documents/openlp/trunk/resources/osx/build/pyi.darwin/openlp/out01-PYZ.pyz/openlp.core.ui.wizard", line 191, in onCurrentIdChanged
      File "/Users/martin/Documents/openlp/trunk/resources/osx/build/pyi.darwin/openlp/out01-PYZ.pyz/openlp.plugins.songs.forms.songimportform", line 771, in performWizard
      File "/Users/martin/Documents/openlp/trunk/resources/osx/build/pyi.darwin/openlp/out01-PYZ.pyz/openlp.plugins.songs.lib.opensongimport", line 116, in doImport
      File "/Users/martin/Documents/openlp/trunk/resources/osx/build/pyi.darwin/openlp/out01-PYZ.pyz/openlp.plugins.songs.lib.opensongimport", line 226, in doImportFile
      File "/Users/martin/Documents/openlp/trunk/resources/osx/build/pyi.darwin/openlp/out01-PYZ.pyz/openlp.plugins.songs.lib.songimport", line 256, in addVerse
    ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '1a'

    --- System information ---
    Platform: Darwin-10.8.0-i386-32bit

    --- Library Versions ---
    Python: 2.7.2
    Qt4: 4.7.4
    Phonon: 4.4.2
    PyQt4: 4.9
    QtWebkit: 533.3
    SQLAlchemy: 0.7.5
    SQLAlchemy Migrate: < 0.7
    BeautifulSoup: 3.2.0
    lxml: 2.3.0
    Chardet: 2.0.1
    PyEnchant: -
    PySQLite: -
    Mako: 0.6.2
    pyUNO bridge: -

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    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for reporting the problem. It is already known and we'll look to fix it due course. Here is the bug report:

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