Powerpoint Thumbnails Missing in Preview & Live Controllers

I've noticed an issue several times where the Powerpoint slide thumbnails don't appear when I load a service that had a Powerpoint added to it on a different computer. All I get are blank buttons that I can click in the controllers. The powerpoint runs fine and displays correctly on the projector, just not in the main OpenLP window. When I add the Powerpoint to the service I get the thumbnails, and if I close OpenLP and then re-open that service on the same computer I get the thumbnails, but if I then transfer that service to another computer and open it, the thumbnails are missing. This is happening in OpenLP 1.9.8 using both Powerpoint 2007 and 2010 on Windows 7 64bit.

Normally I end up getting the Powerpoint last minute right before the service so it hasn't been an issue, but I've had one instance where I put the entire service together on my computer at home and then opened it up on the computer at church to discover the missing thumbnails which was very disconcerting, and when I open the services later on my computer at home I notice the thumbnails are missing. I didn't see this mentioned in the forum so I wanted to bring it to your attention.




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    Hi Jonathan,

    Does the powerpoint presentation work correctly despite the thumbnails not showing?

    Would you be able to put a powerpoint on your c:\ drive at home, add it to a service and save it to the c:\ drive and then confirm the thumbnails show up.

    Next, transfer the service file and the powerpoint to the c:\ drive on another computer. Once you've done that, open the service file and confirm that the thumbnails are still there.

    Failing that can you supply a link to a debug log on paste bin?

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