OpenLP error with external MySQL DB

I've run into an error with OpenLP v1.9.8 when trying to work with the songs in an external MySQL database. I'm not sure if it is an issue with the configuration of my database or not. The conditions were to run OpenLP, import a single song from CCLI/Songselect and then attempt to import my entire OpenLP v2.0 song database. The CCLI import worked fine, but the OpenLP database import failed with an error. Then subsequently OpenLP generated an error when I closed it. I saved both of the error logs. When I opened OpenLP again and tried importing my OpenLP v2.0 database it succeeded. I had had a similar experience with a previous version of OpenLP although that had been with a CCLI import, but didn't have time then to report it and just kept working with the sqllite database. I'm more than happy to provide any assistance you need in tracking down this error.


I just closed OpenLP after editing a couple of songs in the MySQL database and it threw an error when I closed it.



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