Having Troubles Output to Two Monitors

Hello all,

We have been using OpenLP for sometimes now and recently we found our preachers have to turn around and look at the projector screen to see where they at from the slide during the sermon. So we thought it would be nice to have a LCD monitor facing the preacher so that they can see the PowerPoint without turning on their backs.

Systems: Dell Laptop, Projector and a LCD monitor.

Setup: Using Dell laptop to run OpenLP, used a VGA split cable to connect to the projector and LCD monitor.

Issue: the LCD screen or the projector would show properly if we run it individually (connects to the VGA split cable one at a time), but they won't show the presentation screen simultaneously, when they both connect to the splitter. One time, we did have the system to work: connect VGA splitter to the laptop and on the split side, we connect the projector first, and 5 seconds later connect to the LCD monitor.  However immediately, our screen color/brightness reduced in half.

Some people suggests that we get a video booster, but I would like to check in with you experts and see if it is necessary or there is a fix can be done from our OpenLP set up.

Many thanks and God bless your work.


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    This would not be a software problem. A signal amplifier would help because I am guessing you have a long cable run to your monitor. But before I did that I would check to make sure I didn't have a short in any of the caples or splitters you are using, or even the LCD monitor, that was bleeding signal strength. The easiest way to check is to swap cables, etc. to try and troubleshoot.

    An alternative would be to use Stage View for your speakers. They could do this with a smart phone, tablet, net book, etc. and your preachers will probably prefer it. See http://manual.openlp.org/configure.html#remote-tab


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    Currently at our church we use two plasma displays paired together on one VGA output.  What I used to accomplish this was a powered splitter, available something like this one on this link:


    I think you would see a big difference in quality using powered splitter




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    I would agree with both replies so far.

    If your laptop has other video outputs, such as s-video or hdmi, then you maybe able to set one of these to clone the other monitor. This would depend on your os and any graphic drivers. It would also mean that you may need to buy new hardware such as cables or displays, so the powered splitter may well be the cheapest option.

    I'm not sure stage view supports power point.

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    Before we upgraded our set up we used to use a powered splitter and had no problem with that. On our new and shiny projectors we have a VGA out which allows you to run a VGA cable from the back of the projector to your monitor. Before you go out and buy a powered splitter I'd see if you can connect the monitor via a VGA out, saving any additional expense!



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    Thank you so much for all the feedbacks.  We don't have a projector that has a VGA out, so I got a powered one, we will try it out this Sunday.  Thanks and God bless.

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