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Hello everyone!

I downloaded 1.9.8 and used this Sunday. Worked very well... as I expected.

I still seem to be the only one that can't make video's play within media. I have tried both players (phonon and webkit) and tried checking box "allow player to be overridden" and unchecking it.

I have tried several file extentions but regardless, no luck.

Running Windows xp from a dell inspiron laptop.

What am I doing wrong?

All I see is the black scene board image on the monitor but nothing on the screen in the sanctuary.

Thanks in advance!



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    OpenLP relies on codecs installed on your computer to display videos. Make sure you have one of the codec packs installed. I don't use Windows, so I can't personally recommend any, but from what I've heard. the K-Lite and the CCCP codec packs are good.

    Maybe someone who uses Windows and has successfully used videos will be able to tell you more.

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    Thanks Raoul.

    I have downloaded the codecs CCCP pack and will try it Sunday.

    Thanks for the advise and God bless!


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    Ok, here is the update. No video.

    I hear sound, see movement of the OpenLP progress bar, but sanctuary screen is blank.

    There is no preview displaying and no "live" image showing. All I get is the "scene" board.

    This has GOT to be something I am doing wrong. More people would be asking about this otherwise.

    I can put the video in a PPT presentation and load it and that works, so I am sure the video player is working, but I can't get any video thru the OpenLP players.

    Again, thanks for any advise here. This is a tool that we deeply desire to have working in our church.


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    David, sorry for the late reply, didn't see your comment.

    One last thing: Are you sure your display mode isn't "blank" or "theme" or "desktop"?

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    Hi Raoul.

    I don't have the display mode blanked in any of those fashions.

    I did install the codec pack and the VLC player. I didn't see the new VLC palyer option in the configurations settings.

    I really think this is some issue with the actual projection of the video, not the player. I hear the audio just fine. The player controls stop and start the media great. Just no image from the projector.

    I can link video from within powerpoint and it works. However, the same video from the media players within OpenLP do not play image.

    Thanks in advance for any additional help.


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    VLC is only available in the nightly builds, not in 1.9.8. It will be in 1.9.9 when that is released.

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    Let me assure you that you are not the only one with issues with video play back. Video in OpenLP especially on windows is a little bit hit and miss. Usually I get the picture and not the sound!

    Having said that, VLC, for me at least, works wonderfully! There have also been some bug fixes for video that have gone in since version 1.9.8. Hopefully this should further improve the situation.

    Also as Raoul has said, the coded packs do help. K-lite being my favourite.

    God bless,

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    Not only a Windows problem. Video won't work out of the box in Ubuntu either. Always requires something extra to be installed and then pray it works.

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    Raoul and everyone,

    I so pleased! The solution is the VLC player! The nightly build was the solution and video's now play flawlessly!

    Thank you!

    Now on to 2.0!

    Thanks again, David

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    At this point you should be using 1.9.9 not a nightly probably.  I never test the nightlies unless they add a feature I need or fix a bug I'm having problems with. 

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    No video for me yet even with VLC player installed and enabled in media options. I get the sound, but only the current theme background image is displayed.


    Next I will try it with the KLite codec pack that used to be recommended with earlier versions of OpenLP 2.


    OpenLP 1.9.9 build bzr1919 and VLC media player 2.0.1 Twoflower on Windows 7 Ultimate 64b.

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    Hmm, that sounds odd. What happens if you set the background of the current theme as transparent?

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    VLC doesn't normally need any codecs, though I have heard that if there are codecs installed on your system it will use them. You might want to uninstall any codecs you have installed and let VLC use its own.

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    Sorry for the conflicting advice, but don't set the theme background as transparent. Transparent themes and video don't always work together very well.

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