Many thanks

Yesterday was the first Sunday I used OpenLP for projecting announcements in a loop, worship songs, and scriptures during the sermon.  I was very pleased with the results. 

I just downloaded the program last week and was excited to learn at least some of the many features it offers.  I especially like the “Themes” allowing great formatting flexibility from one song to another.  I selected 129 of my digital photos appropriate for the application.  So far I’ve used only 11 of them (for the service yesterday) and changed the format of song lyrics to fit best with each photo.  I’ll be uploading themes to the openLP gallery, but they are on the computer at church so I’ll have to copy them later for upload.  We don’t have internet at the church.

MANY THANKS to the authors of this great program for making it available at no cost.  Our fellowship is very small (about 26 adults & a dozen children) so this is a real blessing to us.

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