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I'm trying to import hymns for the new Methodist hymn book "Singing the Faith".

The web site can create files on my local machine as DOC/PDF/RTF/TXT.

Is there any way to import these files into OpenLP, or is these some other way of getting them into OpenLP.


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    I use SongSelect using the .usr format in the song importer so I don't know about those specific file types. I will point you to in case you have missed the song importer feature. I don't know what formats all those options are connected with but I see there is a generic document one so maybe that would be something to try. Hopefully a better answer will be along soon.



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    I have uswed generic document format in the importer wizard to import the word doc file that comes with music editions of SoF. Generally a good result though some do require a little editing - doesn't recognise the chorus!


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    Hi Martin,

    as already said the generic import option is the way to go. This should works with various fomats. Best results can be expected by using TXT input. This importer tries to extract the information from abriatary formattings. If you have to import bigger ammounts of songs and the recogintion is not good, you might want to provide some sample data. So we can give you some tips for optimal results.

  • I have started a specific Singing The Faith importer, based on the generic one. I plan to improve its accuracy via a hints file which will deal with the cases the generic one does not handle properly. It also knows, for example to set the song_book_name to "Singing The Faith"

    Hopefully this will make the import process easier.
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