Feature Request : Song selection

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The ability to select a song by hymn book and number, for example Celebration Hymnal # 214 which is He Had Made Me Glad....

Also, the ability to put the number in the song footer.....




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    The way that I manage this is to put the song book code and number as part of the title of the song - it means that the songs are all together in the list, and you can still search for the songs in the same way (or by song number).

    The song number then automatically comes up in the slide footer...

    What would be good would be able to customise the footer to include alternative song book number (eg).


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    I can do the search by using the alternate title field, as most do not have alternate titles, but some do.  The database has a field to enter the hymn number, so why can't we search on it, or display it.   It's handy for churches that have older congregations where there are folks who are glued to the dead-tree presentation of hymns.   Now if only there were a faster way to get the hymnbook into the database, it's not a fast process at the moment, because it's all done by hand.




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    This is in the works, but we have a few features which are a little more urgent, so it is on the backburner at the moment.

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