Something you don't see on this kinda group often....

Thanks, to the developers.... I may not have the smoothest road here, but man, live it kicks butt.

Okay, I get to church, the following conversation take place:

Pastor:  Are we running the slide show from last week?

Me:     Hadn't planned on it.

P:  Can We.

M:    Let me see...

The slide show is a Powerpoint, to run during the prelude, last week switching from that Powerpoint to the service PowerPoint, PowerPoint decided to quit talking to the projector, and needed to be restarted.  

So how did it work this week, well I hadn't started yet, and I had used that presentation to do testing during the week, so it was in there.  I called it up, hit the live button, and there it was, when I was ready to start the service, I double clicked the first screen and off it went.  I do need to figure out how to make it loop, but it worked.   Then I see it, I missed the slide for call to worship, click on it move it to the right spot, and I doubt anyone noticed.  

Even though you set deadlines for material and double check everything twice, there always seems to be something that doesn't end up the way it should, so it's nice to be able to fix things so that it doesn't disturb people's worship experience.  PowerPoint doesn't seem to be able to do that.....

Now I just need to get the other 750 Hymns into the database.







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