Feature Request: 3 Monitor Support

I have noticed a few posts about this and would like to add another.  I have a setup where the computer that I am using has three video outputs:

  1. DVI: Desktop monitor
  2. VGA: Runs through a splitter to projectors and TV throughout the Church
  3. SVideo: Runs to video recording equipment

I would love to be able to set this up so I can have the presentation display on both outputs 2 and 3. I have no need for individual controll of the displays, just a mirror on the displays as it were.  I would rather not use a video scaler unit to transition an output of my VGA spliter to either Svideo or HDMI (the inputs possible for my video recording equipment) as the workstation I am using already has the outputs I need.  If anyone knows how to enable this or a workaround I would be greatefull.  Thank you.


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