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Hi, i have recently downlaoded all of the Mission Praise word files. However when I import them into openlp, it picks up a few errors..for starts it puts a number one at the beginning of the song title. It also make the copyright information as a verse. this is one of the songs it does it to. i am using version 1.9.6.

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    I'll take a look at producing a sql script over the next day or two to tidy up your data.

    I've decided to remove the song from your forum post now you've emailed it (ta), just in case the copyright police come knocking!

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    okay, thanks. haha! and that'll be great!

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    OK, not perfect but hopefully this will improve it a little...

    Backup your data (In OpenLP, Tools -> Open Data Folder, copy the songs folder). Close OpenLP.

    Download SqliteSpy http://www.yunqa.de/delphi/doku.php/products/sqlitespy/index and run it.

    File -> Open Database...,

    Paste the following into the filename prompt at the bottom and click Open:


    Into the large text area top right, paste the following:

    update songs 
    set title = substr(title, 3), 
    search_title = substr(search_title, 3),
    lyrics = replace(lyrics,'<![CDATA[From Mission Praise'||X'0A'||'www.missionpraise.com]]>',' '),
    search_lyrics = replace(search_lyrics, 'from mission praise www missionpraise com', '')
     where title like '1 %'

     And press the F9 key.

     Now start OpenLP and check the songs.

  • @greenow987 would it be possible to send me a copy of the Mission Praise Words. I recently attended a local church to conduct worship and to teach. Given the age of the congregation a gentleman was in the process of typing in the complete book of MP in Power point. Thought that we may be able to assist them. Look forward hearing from you . Shalom

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