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We currently use another program to display our songs, scriptures, etc.  The songs are saved in a *.sng format.  I have tried all of the import wizards options to see if these songs could be imported.  None of them appear to have worked.  I was able to get one option to say that iti imported the song, but it was not added to the list.  Does anyone have expreience with this working.  I was not sure if I could post the name of the other program.  Besides not being able to import the songs, we are ready to fully transition to Openlp, except for one other issue that i will post in a new thread...  Thanks


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    Hi CoffeeFreek, There isn't a problem mentioning the "competitors" name here. OpenLP is open source, and makes no money what so ever. OpenLP is just here to serve the church. Some of the importers have been written at the request of users. If you email a selection of the song files to some one may pick it up. I say may, as every one who works on OpenLP does it voluntarily in their own time. The songs should include well known songs, with a range of features such as chorus, verse, bridges etc, ccli no.s multiple authors. It would also help if you could create a song with the field name as the value, so for example create a song with a title as "title", and alternative title as "alt title", verses with "verse 1 line 1, verse 1 line 2" do the same for chorus', bridges, author, copyright etc. Regards, Phill

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    Thanks Phill -

    I really appreciate the quick reply.

    The program is Presentation Manager from Creative Lifestyles.  I will try to put a few songs together as well as the "test" song with the sample fields.  It may take a few days to get it going because we are getting ready for a ladies conference and don't want to mess with the current system too much.

    Thanks again

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    Ah yes, I've seen that app before... you're the first person to mention using it though :-)

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    If push comes to shove this is what I had to do when I started using this program.

    I had to copy and paste the lyrics of all each of the songs to a text file, then copy and past the text files into the song data base manually.

    It really doesn't take as long as you would think. We had about 600 songs, I did it by myself, and it took about two weeks in my spare time.

    Incedentally it was a little bit of a hassle but quite worth it, now I have an awesome program that works!!!! :-)

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    @raoul - We had originally used the program for years - then upgraded when that computer wore out.  We have never been happy with the version 6 that we upgraded too.  It never worked like it was supposed to, or even as good as the original.  It hangs up, freezes and crashes often.  We recently found OpenLP and are very excited for the potential that this program has.  I really appreciate the fact that the support community on here is so great!  It is truly a blessing...

    @sbridenthal - I think that might still be an option.  I didn't count our songs but we have probably close to 1000...  I am encouraged by what you have accomplished with your conversion!

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    We use Easy Worship.  Is there any way I can import that database to use those songs?

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    Hi BridgeCommunity,

    Yes OpenLP has an EasyWorship importer. The manual should point you in the right direction.

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    Hi coffeefreak, OpenLP is currently entering feature freeze so that fixing bugs can be the focus until the v2 release. That means that we can't write an importer for Presentation Manager at this point. However, having looked at the sng format, it should be quite straighforward to write a standalone script that will accomplish the same job. If you're able to zip your song library and send it to my gmail inbox samuel.findlay, I'll try converting it for you.

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    thanks for the help.  I had to go out of town this last week, I will get the song list on Wednesday and should be able to zip it.  I will email it to you later this week.  Thanks again - God Bless!

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