Webkit CSS3?

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I see that Webkit is used as part of the rendering engine within Openlp. Does that mean it might be possible to use some of the advanced CSS3 such as text-shadow, rotate etc for the custom slide content?

I can see that I can add in inline styles via the editor, would the presentation mode support this?





Just want to say, I used Openlp 1.9.8 for the first time this Sunday, and it worked beautifully, after 5+ years of Sunday Plus, I've finally found a replacement - well done all, and God Bless.


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    We're using QtWebkit, which uses WebKit under the hood.

    However not everything in WebKit has been implemented on the Qt side, so although some bits of CSS stuff might work, not all of it will, and it might be buggy.  In addition, unless you are using a cutting edge Linux distribution, the version of WebKit is likely to be a few years old, so it won't feature all the latest editions.

    However you are free to give it a try, you can just go to Settings->Configure Formatting Tags, and enter your own tags with the style of your choosing and see whether or not it works. 

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    Hi Gushie,

    Thanks for reply. I had a quick play, and got the following to work on Mac 1.9.8.

    <span style="opacity: 0.5;"></span> - selected type gains transparency, in this case 0.5 equals 50% - excellent!

    <span style="text-decoration: line-through"></span> - selected type gets striked through (like word strike through).

    <span style="text-shadow: 3px 3px 5px #000;"></span> - text shadow (almost) works, the first two values are the off-set, the last value is the colour in hexdecimal, sadly the third value (5px) should be the blur for a smooth drop shadow, but sadly this doesn't seem to work in my version.

    Not sure yet what I might want to use any of these for, but thought I would post up my results in case any other users want to give it a try. Just add the above to the 'Configure formatting tags' under 'Settings' - have fun!


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