How are presentations made?

I think I know the answer to this, but enlighten me a bit on why this is this way . . . I included 3 videos in our service today and last night I accidently corrupted my service because it was taking way too long to save the file . . . and I inadvertantly killed the process which I thought was hung up.  Long story short, it seems a bit odd to me that when I include those videos it puts them all in the same presentation . . . which is really causing issues on the size and saving. Could the software put in a link to somehow just reference the video as an option?  I know it is really convenient to transport a presentation across flash drives/network/etc.  


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    When developing v2, we were aware that a number of users created the service file at home and then transported it to Church, so we wanted to create a single transportable file.

    However we are aware that there are a issues when the files are very big and a feature request already exists to look into this. I can't give any time scales at this stage though I'm afraid.

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    As someone who does exactly this, I think the solution is to put the media in the data directory under media, then the service links there, this way you get the best of both worlds, simply compress the data directory, then dump that and the service over to the other computer..  Similar to the way images are handled. 

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    wogster: That's all very well. But when you prepare the service early during the week at home, and then you oversleep on Sunday and in a mad panic-rush you forget there was a video and so only copy the osz file to your memory stick, you're not going to be too popular at Church!

    We need to find a proper solution that caters for:

    1. Those who prepare the service at Church and so have no need for the media to be in the service file

    2. Those who prepare at home and are confident they'll never forget to copy the corresponding media files separately

    3. Forgetful people like my example, or non-techy people who blindly assume the service file contains everything and don't even consider that they need to copy other files separately.

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    I typically forget what I need, so I dump the entire data folder to a USB key, add the service file, then dump that onto the church computer., partly because I sometimes need to change stuff as I go....  I do the dump on Friday when I know the service is pretty much complete.



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    The current service file format is a zip archive of all content and meta data. A simplefication would be to deactivate compression for media files. That way it should be possible to preserve the advantage of a single file, while reaching a speed similar to the creation of a copy.

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    How about this as an idea:
    Under normal conditions, saving the service does just that. Saves just the service order.

    On the file menu, there could be a "Pack Service for transport" this could create the service file as it currently does, or save the service, creating a "service_files" folder with all songs, images, videos in etc. (much like saving a web page used to)

    Either way, maybe a progress bar could be implemented, a bit like when the image thumbnails are being produced.

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    I too have experienced the problem of perceiving the program to have hung.  Also, each time videos are saved into the presentation file, they are transferred to my cloud backup, taking up internet bandwidth (I don't backup the resources directory, but I do backup the service plans).

    As media files become larger, and more frequently used, I expect this to be more of an issue for more people into the future.

    If the 'Save' option included the media as it does at present, could we have an option (as another selection in the File menu?) to 'Save without embedding media' (possibly with a keyboard shortcut of Ctrl + Shift + S)?  That way, a normal save would embed, but the user would have to specifically choose not to embed the media. 

    But OLP works great otherwise, and is a real blessing to us on Sundays...

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