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Make it possible to navigate throught all the order of service just with the keyboard. Specially to go forward to the next song.


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    This would be a great addition - keyboard shortcuts for next verse, previous verse, next song, previous song, blank, etc would be very useful.
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    I also think this is a must for future versions. It's great being able to use the keyboard shortcuts to move back and forward through a specific items verses but it would be great if you could jump to the next item on the Order of Service. It seems like myself, most users are using openlp on a laptop and the touch-pad isn't always the easiest way of navigating...
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    If you look under "Options->Settings->General settings" you will see that there are a basic set of hotkeys which should be sufficient to handle most activities :-)
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    Ahhh. Ctrl+Alt+N for next OOS item and Ctrl+Alt+P for previous OOS item... I missed that one. Thanks!!!
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    The existing hotkeys are ok, but I (personally) don't like having to fight with pressing three keys at the same to get to the next item. Some of my operators can cope with pressing shift+anotherkey, but the strangely named Alt and Ctrl keys scare them!

    PageDown/PageUp already go to the next/previous slide.

    Can I suggest in addition:

    Home : Go to first slide in current item

    End : Go to last slide in current item

    Shift+PageUp : Previous Item in OOS

    Shift+PageDown : Next Item in OOS

    Shift+Home: First item in OOS

    Shift+End : Last item in OOS


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    I agree with gushie about the difficulty of pressing three keys for "next item in OOS". Shift+PageDown would be better. 

    Regarding the Home and End keys though, could I specifically ask that they not be assigned? I have sat through hundreds of PowerPoint presentations, and an extremely common user error is to press the Home or End accidentally, when they only wanted to press the button for next slide. The PgDn and Home/End keys are located next to eachother on most keyboards.

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    Hmm, didn't think of that, good point.

    OK scrap the Home/End idea. Alongside the shift pgup/down, hows about assigning the number keys as follows, i.e. 1 goes to the first slide in the current item. 2 to the second..., 0 for the last (regardless of how many)?

    I know that is more geared towards mouse users, but if you need to quickly go back to the first verse and it has scrolled off the top then it's often difficult to avoid a delay, whilst you find the scroll bar etc!

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    Unfortunately this is not a simple problem to solve. Derek and I have discussed this at length. It all comes down to the song verse controls. Let's just say that they were badly written, and not by either myself or Derek.

    In fact, I'm finding myself rewriting chunks of code as it is, because it was previously written by a young, inexperienced developer (I won't say who, because I'm not throwing blame around, I'm just stating the facts), and so certain programming principles and methods were not used.

    I would like to go back and rewrite the verse control component, but because depends on it so much, and because of the way it's written, I'd be rewriting large chunks of in the process. We've decided that in the interests of getting 1.0 out of the door, we're gonna have to sacrifice the rewrite of the verse control.

    That said and done, it's number 1 on the list of things to do for version 1.2. The way the verse control is written is a personal peeve of mine, so I'm itching to redo it. In the mean time, we're gonna have to ask you to please bear with us.

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    Comming from opensong and being a keyboard junkie, I crave an effective keyboard interface.


    Ferdi Louw


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    As mentioned on various other forum threads, this will be in 2.0.

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