video backgrounds

Does OpenLP support video backgrounds, looping backgrounds, video masking?

I have tried searching through the website and wiki and never found anything about that.

As far as I can tell there is support for video, but I can't tell if there is support fro video looped

behind text. And for me, that's a game changer. And if there is not support for that.... How soon

do you think this will happen? Thank you.


  • JcJc
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    OLP does have support for looping video backgrounds but it is not perfect yet. Currently if you set a video to loop using the Media Section. It will loop until you move to the next item in the service. So it only loops for a single song, then resets to the default theme.

    However they have made a work around in Beta 5. Create a transparent theme and then place a looping video in the background using a second program (I prefer VLC) and you will see the video on your projection with the lyrics ontop of it. It's not perfect but something I'm excited about and will be using this Sunday at my church.

    Yes, it requires a little more setup, but who doesn't like a little excitement while they continue working out the bugs of the built in video looping.


    Also, i'd like to recommend for some free backgrounds. I'm not associated with the site but found it and like the guys work.

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    Yes OpenLP does support this. On the media manager (on the left) select the media tab. Select the video you want as your background and then click replace live background. Its the last button on the right above the media list.

    However it isn't perfect. On our system, which is quite well spec'd (6 core Phenom, 8GB ram, Reason with 256/512 MB) the video plays a little slower than normal.

    As also suggested, you could use a transparent theme and position a video player underneath. My favourite would have to be Screen Monkey ( I think) if you had a system which could handle it!

    VLC can currently be chosen as the default media player in OpenLP, however this is not currently used for background videos. I believe that this is planned, but it will not be until after version 2.0, as we have entered the Release Candidate phase of development (Bug fixes only)

    God Bless,
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