I found an odd behaviour....

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We did something wildly different today, and it kinda blew up on me, so I would like comments...


For Palm Sunday the idea was this:


(blank screen)


(blank screen)

Hymn ... etc.

So after the welcome I hit blank screen, when I hit unblank, I got the background for the screen, but nothing on it.  I clicked on the live window and it came up, but missed the first verse of the hymn.  Not sure if this is the way it's supposed to work or not.





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    Hi wogster,

    I have a couple questions. 

    What kind of display was "Welcome" (image, video, Custom)? You said you unblanked the screen but you didn't say if you moved on to the hymn or not. If you blanked and then unblanked you should have still been on the Welcome slide. I can't get anything to happen in any way clicking on the live screen but maybe somebody else can. 

    At our church we do not use blank but we always use blank to theme and blank to desktop and never had a glitch. Did you check your setting in config/general tab. It says this: 

    Unblank display when adding new live item:

    When using the blank to button with this checkbox checked, on going live with the next item, the screen will be automatically re-enabled. If this checkbox is not checked you will need to click the blank to button again to reverse the action. 

    Maybe this is a feature you would like to use. 


    Also, are you aware of the keyboard shortcuts? I know it is a basic question but you didn't push any keys while trying to get it to work did you? 


    I'm sorry if I made this sound basic and maybe you did discover a bug. Hopefully you are aware of these items I listed.


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