offside topic: best way(s) to build low-cost selfmade/homemade projection screens for high ambient s



i guess that there have to be other christians somewhere on this planet struggling with a similar "issue":

  • high ambient light situation
  • low budget
  • goal: text / Powerpoint projection; use of videos is not intended!

I wonder if some of you may share your "secrets" for homemade projector screens for daylight projections, since due to the construction of our worship hall (... a part of the roof is windowed "Dachreiter") we are suffering a lot of diffuse reflected and sidewards straylight (... a blind for the roof would be somwhere in the 30k€; for this reason it is out of discussion!!!)

Does anyone have experinces with  ScreenGoo Ultra Silver 3D or similar products (...please name/link it)? Did it improve your projection situation drastically/was it worth the money???

I know that this is really not the major intention of the OpenLyricsProjector-Forum ... but i am hoping to find here the right people with the information. - All these homecinema freak forums seem to have different intention!!!




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    A blind for the screen might work out cheaper in the long run.  Build a wood or aluminum frame that fits around your screen on the top and sides, then cover with opaque cloth or plastic panels, so that the screen is always shaded.  Would need to come out about 1/2 the height of the screen.  The sides only need to come down about 3/4 of the way.  The only other solution is a projector with a lot more power and that can get expensive.  

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    We rear project through a frosted shower curtain for use as a confidence monitor. It is very bright BUT the viewing angle is very narrow so that would have extremely limited use. So if your building is very narrow you'd be all set. :)

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