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Now that VLC is an option for Video, would it be possible to have the ability to loop a video?  VLC does take an -L command on the commandline it looks like

-L, --loop, --no-loop          Repeat all (default disabled)
VLC will keep playing the playlist indefinitely. (default disabled)

Not 100% sure that's really what is needed, because I don't have time or sight (lost my glasses in a windstorm this past weekend in California) to work on testing it much right now. 


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    I am trying to use this feature of keep the video looping until I stop it.  I am fairly new to the command line like above, would you provide additional information where to do you enter those commands? Many thanks. 


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    yanxizao, those command line arguments are for a different program called VLC. OpenLP doesn't currently support looping of videos.

    If you are using VLC as a standalone program (i.e. not through OpenLP), then there are buttons on its user interface for repeating the current track/video.

  • hi gushie, 

    I know it has been a while, but I am still interested in using OpenLp to loop the video. Do you know if it is something we can do now? Many thanks
  • I have been using VLC outside of OpenLP to play the loop on the second screen (projector) THEN use a clear background theme and/or the D shortcut which cuts to desktop view. Search for 'Display VLC on second monitor' for settings. Remember to go to black (blank screen) or go to another image before closing the VLC loop running separately since the screen will flash once if you don't. I keep a list of most-used loops on the desktop so that they are at easy access through the service.

    I wish that OpenLP would loop video on its own, but as it stands, that only works within a song and not from the stage or service manager. - Todd
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